• 100% Recommend Friedman law firm!

    “I’ve had many cases and many lawyers in the past, and all they did was take there time and give me the run around. I finally decided to take my friends advice and go to Blake Friedman. It was for sure the best advice I have took in a while! He got my car fixed in no time and my check quicker than anyone ever has! I 100% Recommend Friedman law firm! The best in the game and with professionalism. Thank you again Friedman law firm!”

    - christian z.

  • You will not regret going to Friedman Injury Law!

    "Blake Friedman was extremely helpful and he guided me through the entire process! He returns calls in a timely manner and provides you with all knowledge and answers. This was my first car accident that resulted in injury, I felt stressed and overwhelmed. Blake was so professional and kind which really provided me with the comfort that I needed. You will not regret going to Friedman Injury Law!”

    - Sydney H.

  • Definitely wish I found him sooner

    “I cannot thank Blake enough for what he's done for me! Within the short period of time working together (about 3 months or less), he was able to get a settlement for me from an accident in 2018! That speaks volumes considering my last law firm I worked with literally dropped me in 2020 when they knew they could. Blake was honest, quick, and the communication is impeccable. The only regret I have is not working with him from the jump! Definitely wish I found him sooner than later. Hire him as your lawyer! You will definitely not regret it!”

    - Paula D.

  • I wouldn’t have known where to go with out his help.

    “I was recently hit by a car in a parking lot in Las Vegas. The lady who hit me stated she did not believe her insurance would cover the damage. She also insisted that she did not want to provide me with a picture of her driver’s license or proof of insurance. This is when I called Blake Friedman at Friedman Injury Law. He helped walk me step by step through the process and provided me with alternatives when obtaining the information I needed. With his quick knowledge of the situation and guidance. I had a claim submitted to her insurance company and approved for repairs the next day. Honestly I wouldn’t have known where to go with out his help. Thanks Blake Friedman!”

    - Peter H.