In Las Vegas, the convenience of rideshare services like Lyft and Uber has transformed the way residents and tourists navigate the city. However, with this convenience comes the risk of accidents, leaving individuals injured and unsure of their legal options. At Friedman Injury Law, our experienced team of Las Vegas rideshare accident lawyers is dedicated to helping victims of Lyft and Uber accidents navigate the complex legal process and obtain the compensation they deserve.

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Understanding Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare accidents can involve various parties, including passengers, drivers, pedestrians, and other motorists. Unlike traditional car accidents, rideshare accidents often entail unique complexities due to the involvement of multiple insurance policies and liability issues. Whether you were a passenger in a rideshare vehicle or another driver involved in a collision with a Lyft or Uber vehicle, seeking legal guidance from skilled rideshare accident lawyers in Las Vegas is crucial.

How Rideshare Coverage Works

One of the most complicating factors of rideshare accidents is determining insurance coverage. This is because Uber and Lyft’s insurance policies don’t always cover drivers. Instead, coverage is determined based on the driver’s status at the time of the accident.

1. Offline

When a rideshare driver has their app off, Lyft and Uber don’t provide insurance coverage. Instead, if the rideshare driver gets into an accident while they are offline, only their personal auto insurance covers them.

2. Online

The next scenario is when the rideshare driver is online but doesn’t have a trip scheduled. During this stage, Uber provides third-party liability insurance to the driver, which provides the following coverage in Nevada:

  • $50,000 per person for injuries;
  • $100,000 per accident for injuries; and
  • $25,000 in property damage.

Keep in mind that these coverage amounts apply to both Uber and Lyft. This coverage doesn’t change until the app is turned off or the driver accepts a request for a ride.

3. En route

The final situation is when the driver accepts a ride request or is en route to a rider’s destination. Due to the higher risk of liability, both Uber and Lyft provide comprehensive insurance to their drivers with the following coverage:

  • $1,500,000 in injuries and property damage; and
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage with a $2,500 deductible.

The state of Nevada requires this level of coverage. While some drivers may elect to have additional coverage, this isn’t common.

What to Do Following a Rideshare Accident

After a rideshare accident, it’s crucial to take several immediate steps to protect your rights and ensure a smooth claims process:

  1. Gather information. Whether you’re a passenger or another driver, write down the rideshare driver’s name, vehicle details, and insurance information. Take pictures and videos of the crash scene if possible.
  2. Call the police. Report the accident if it caused injuries, death, or over $750 in property damage.
  3. Seek medical care. Visit a doctor even if you feel fine. Some injuries can take days or even weeks to show up.
  4. Report to Uber/Lyft. Use their app or website to report the accident promptly.
  5. Consult an attorney. If you suffered an injury, speak to a rideshare accident lawyer in Las Vegas for guidance on potential compensation.

Following these steps after a rideshare accident helps protect your interests and ensure you receive the necessary medical care and compensation for your injuries and losses.

How We Can Help

At Friedman Injury Law, our team of Lyft and Uber accident lawyers has a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations governing rideshare services in Las Vegas. We leverage this knowledge to build strong cases for our clients and pursue maximum compensation for their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Representing Rideshare Passengers

As a Lyft or Uber passenger, you trust your driver to transport you to your destination safely. However, if you’re involved in an accident while riding in a rideshare vehicle, determining liability can be complex. Our Las Vegas rideshare accident lawyers thoroughly investigate the accident’s circumstances to identify all potentially liable parties, including the rideshare company, driver, and other motorists.

Advocating for Other Drivers

If you were injured in a collision with a Lyft or Uber vehicle, you may be facing significant medical expenses, property damage, and lost income. Our experienced Lyft and Uber accident lawyers understand your challenges and will fight tirelessly to hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligence. We will thoroughly review the details of the accident, gather evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to secure a fair settlement. If necessary, we are prepared to litigate your case to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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