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Las Vegas can be a cyclist’s dream with its bustling streets and scenic desert roads. But unfortunately, it also presents significant dangers. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, Friedman Injury Law is here for you.

We understand the devastating impact a bicycle accident can have on your life. Our Las Vegas bicycle accident attorneys are dedicated to providing compassionate and quality legal guidance to bicycle accident victims. With a deep knowledge of Nevada’s traffic laws and a commitment to achieving justice, we work tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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What Are Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents?

The National Safety Council reported that 1,230 cyclists died in 2021. Bicycle accidents can occur for various reasons, many of which involve driver negligence. Common causes include:

  • Distracted driving. An activity is considered to be “distracted driving” if it involves an activity that takes a driver’s focus away from the road, increasing your risk of a crash. Examples include texting, eating, and changing the radio station.
  • Speeding. Excessive speed reduces a driver’s reaction time, increasing the likelihood of a collision with a cyclist.
  • Drunk driving. Impaired drivers have reduced reaction times and impaired judgment, posing a significant risk to cyclists.
  • Dooring. Accidents occur when a driver or passenger opens a car door into the path of an oncoming cyclist.
  • Poor road conditions. Potholes, debris, and other road hazards can cause cyclists to lose control and crash.

Experienced Las Vegas bike accident attorneys are adept at identifying and proving these factors to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

What Are Common Bicycle Accident Injuries?

Being hit while cycling can result in a wide range of injuries, some minor and others life-altering.  The lack of protection for cyclists compared to motorists makes them especially vulnerable to injury if in a crash. Here’s a list of common bicycle accident injuries:

  • Concussion,
  • Skull fracture,
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI),
  • Broken jaw,
  • Facial lacerations,
  • Whiplash,
  • Spinal cord injury,
  • Broken collarbone,
  • Shoulder dislocation,
  • Broken arm or leg,
  • Internal bleeding,
  • Organ damage,
  • Disfigurement,
  • Burns,
  • Scarring,
  • Amputation, and
  • Coma.

If you’ve been injured in a bike accident, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention and consult with a Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyer to understand your legal options.

What Damages Can I Recover for My Bicycle Accident Claim?

Nevada law allows bicycle accident victims to seek compensation for damages resulting from negligence. Here’s a breakdown of what you might be able to recover:

  • Medical expenses. These expenses cover all past and future medical costs associated with your injuries, including ambulance rides, emergency room visits, doctor appointments, surgeries, physical therapy, medication, and medical equipment.
  • Lost wages. If your injuries prevent you from working or limit your earning capacity, you can recover compensation for lost wages and potential future earnings.
  • Pain and suffering. This damage includes compensation for physical pain and emotional distress caused by the accident.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. Nevada law recognizes that injuries can significantly impact your ability to participate in activities you once enjoyed. You may be able to recover damages for this loss.
  • Property damage. Damage to your bicycle or other personal belongings damaged in the accident may be recovered.

Consulting with a Las Vegas bike accident attorney can help you determine the full extent of your damages and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve under Nevada law.

What If I Am Partially at Fault for the Bicycle Accident?

Nevada’s legal system applies the concept of modified comparative negligence to bicycle accident claims. You can still seek compensation for your injuries, even if you were partially responsible for the accident. However, the percentage of fault you share directly affects the amount of compensation you receive.

Here’s a breakdown of the doctrine:

  • Less than 51% fault. If you’re found to be less than 51% at fault, you can recover damages, but your percentage of blame will reduce the award.
  • 51% or more at fault. Unfortunately, if you’re found to be 51% or more responsible for the accident, you won’t be able to recover any compensation.

This system emphasizes the importance of establishing fault in your bicycle accident claim. Consulting a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney can help determine the cause of the accident and build a solid case to maximize your potential financial recovery.

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