Typical Car Accident Settlement Amounts No Injury 

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Car accidents, even those without physical injuries, can lead to significant stress and financial burdens due to property damage. Understanding the nuances of settlements in these scenarios is helpful for anyone involved in such an accident. A settlement for a car accident without injuries typically focuses on compensating the victim for property damage. This compensation aims to restore or replace damaged property, ensuring that the victim does not bear the financial weight of an event they did not cause. Read on to learn more about typical car accident settlement amounts when no injury is involved. 

Understanding Settlements in No-Injury Car Accidents

A no-injury car accident settlement refers to compensation awarded when the accident results in property damage but no physical harm to the people involved. These settlements are meant to cover the repair or replacement costs of damaged vehicles and other property impacted in the crash. The absence of injuries simplifies the settlement process, as it removes the need to calculate compensation for medical expenses, pain, suffering, or lost wages. However, it does not diminish the importance of reaching a fair settlement to address property damage fully. 

This compensation aims to return you—as the victim—to your pre-accident position as much as possible, covering repair costs or the current market value of a totaled vehicle. In some cases, settlements may also cover additional expenses related to the accident, such as towing fees or rental car costs, ensuring that you are not out-of-pocket for any accident-related expenses.

Factors Impacting Settlement Value in No-Injury Cases

Several factors determine settlement value in cases without injuries, where the focus shifts entirely to property damage. 

Severity of Property Damage

The extent of the property damage is a primary consideration in a no-injury auto accident settlement. The more significant the damage, the higher the potential settlement amount. In severe cases where the vehicle is totaled, the settlement seeks to reflect the vehicle’s fair market value at the time of the accident.


Liability and fault are central to any car accident claim, including those without injuries. The person at fault for the crash is liable for the other party’s damages. So, establishing who is at fault greatly impacts the average settlement for a non-injury car accident. 

In Nevada, if you are the victim and are partially at fault for the collision, you could still get a portion of your damages if you are equally or less at fault than the other driver. If you do bear the majority of the blame (51% or more), you will likely not get compensated. But if you are less or equally at fault, you would be eligible for compensation that is reduced by your percentage of fault. 

For instance, if you have $10,000 in property damage but are 20% at fault, you would receive 80% of your damages—or $8,000. However, if you are 55% at fault, you would likely receive nothing.

Insurance Limits and Policy Coverage

The parties’ insurance policy limits also influence the settlement amount. If the at-fault party’s insurance coverage is insufficient to cover the full extent of your property damage, your rightful compensation might be difficult or impossible to receive. Conversely, your insurance coverage may provide additional avenues for compensation.

Nominal Settlements for Minor Inconvenience 

Typical car accident settlement amounts when no injury is involved might include a nominal amount for the victim’s inconvenience. Sometimes, insurance adjusters add $100 or $200 for out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement for travel expenses to the body shop in an attempt to close the claim quickly. 

Should You Hire a Lawyer for a No-Injury Car Accident?

Deciding whether to hire a lawyer for a no-injury car accident—where the primary concern is property damage—can be a nuanced decision. Many law firms may hesitate to take on such cases, mainly because the potential compensation amount does not justify the legal expenses involved. In no-injury scenarios, where settlements primarily cover property damage, legal fees can consume a significant portion of the settlement amount, leaving the claimant with less than anticipated.

In Las Vegas, where the small claims court limit is $10,000, most property damage claims fall well within this range. Therefore, individuals can often pursue claims in small claims court without the need for legal representation. Handling a claim independently in small claims court can be a practical option for resolving property damage disputes efficiently and without the additional cost of attorney fees.

However, consulting a lawyer might be beneficial, even in no-injury cases. If the opposing side disputes fault, if you face significant resistance from the insurer, or if you need guidance on the legal process, seeking legal advice could be worthwhile. Some lawyers offer consultations to help clarify the best course of action, even if they do not take on the case directly.

Navigating Small Claims Court for Cases Only Involving Property Damage

Pursuing a property damage claim in small claims court in Las Vegas can be a viable option for individuals seeking compensation after a crash that resulted in no injuries. Small claims court is designed to be accessible and straightforward, allowing individuals to represent themselves. However, victims who pursue a claim directly will find the average settlement for car accident claims is higher when strong evidence is presented. 

Gather Evidence

The success of a no-injury claim will largely depend on the evidence. Compile all relevant documents and information about the accident and the resulting property damage. That includes:

  • Photos of the vehicle damage and accident scene,
  • Repair estimates and receipts,
  • Police report, 
  • Correspondence with the insurance company, and
  • Witness statements. 

Organize evidence logically and create a clear timeline to make it easy for the adjuster or small claims court to follow. 

Be Ready to Negotiate 

Often, the defendant or their insurance company is willing to settle the claim without going to trial. Be open to negotiating a resolution. Understanding the claim’s value and the evidence supporting it will strengthen your position during the negotiation process. 

Contact Friedman Injury Law 

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